5. The burial site at Bitehagen

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There were originally about 20 burial mounds here dating back to the Iron Age. The largest, beside the road is about 15 metres in diameter and 2 metres tall. Several burial mounds on the north side of the road have since been ploughed up. A grave from between 550-1050 AD containing mosaic beads, rivets and a grinding block was found in 1992. Nails and remnants of pieces of wood can imply that the deceased person was cremated here, possibly in a boat.

From here it is 10.1km to Slemmestad, 4.3km to Gullaug, 1.1km to Grini which is the next stop towards Slemmestad and 0.8km to The wheelwright’s house, the next stop towards Gullaug. Enjoy the walk!