16. Burial sites at Bø

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50 burial mounds from The Iron Age are registered on the farms at Bø. Many of them have been looted but most of them are more or lest intact. Oldtidsveien passes three of the burial sites. This is the first one and has nine mounds. A smaller site with three mounds is beside the road and a large site with 15 mounds lies in the woods after Mellom-Bø. Several artefacts including a sickle, a knife and a shoemaker’s intrument have been found here.

From here it is 3.4km to Slemmestad, 11.0km to Gullaug, 0.1km to the Punishment hill which is the next stop towards Slemmestad and 0.7km to The wheelwright’s workshop, the next stop towards Gullaug. Enjoy the walk!